What my clients have to say

“I have loved working with Jacqui as my coach. She manages to retain a natural, relaxed and supportive style while still challenging me to think differently. My coaching sessions have supported my development and achievement tremendously and I feel in a much better place having worked with her.”

KH, HR Director, Public Sector

“I have found the sessions really useful as I’ve never really taken the time or had the techniques to help me move forward before. The sessions taught me to think about what I want in a different way. It’s helped break it down into manageable chunks too.”
AT, Marketing Manager, Music and Publishing

“The coaching sessions enabled me to really understand what my priorities were. Jacqui helped me see the wood for the trees.”

DM, Business Owner, Beauty and Well-being

“I found my sessions with Jacqui very helpful in supporting me to understand and work towards my goals. She challenged me to think about the longer term by asking some really big and difficult questions, forcing me to take time out from my day to day activities and talk to someone independent and really focus on myself.”
PM, HR Executive

“I looked forward to my sessions with Jacqui. They were always very enlightening and inspiring. I felt heard and understood, and enjoyed a great rapport. I gained confidence and clarity which enabled me to make decisions more easily. I remained highly motivated to keep on track with my learning and business plans while adopting more self-compassion.”

RB, Business Owner, Cross Cultural Professional Coaching

“Jacqui’s superpower is her total, clear-sighted honesty. I can genuinely say that we would not be the force we are today without her skill, leadership and talent. Jacqui’s capacity to make us think, challenge us to be better than we believe we can be, to be ambitious about what lies ahead. and to make us laugh, is powerful stuff.”

TL, Managing Director, Media and Advertising

“I have really enjoyed my sessions with Jacqui. They gave me the time to really think about and concentrate in detail on my business and where I want to take it. It gave me new ideas and also increased my confidence.”
ST, Business Owner and Artist

''The sessions really helped to pull out my values, priorities and goals in life. It feels very good to get something on paper and want to work towards realistic and achievable goals. It's changed my outlook on life and I now feel anything's possible."
ND, Healthcare and Child Development Professional

''I would recommend Jacqui as a coach, she is skilled at teasing out potential difficulties and has conviction in reinforcing positive qualities. I hope to engage again with her in the future.''
LE, Artist

“Jacqui’s professional business career enabled us to talk using the same terminology, and her questions were tailored and powerful because of her experience in the business world. I would highly recommend Jacqui as a coach to family, friends and colleagues.”

SB, IT Consultant