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Bouncing Back

Have you experienced a setback recently? Last year I read a great article in the New York Times by Tara Parker Pope about how we can boost resilience. Maybe it’s the time of year but it’s in my head again, so I thought I’d remind myself and share my ‘go–to’ favourites for helping to get on track again when times turn rough.

Don’t Personalise It. Setbacks happen and when they do, it can feel endless. And we blame ourselves, ruminating over what we should have done differently. Alternatively we can interrupt that cycle by reminding ourselves that the situation is not personal, it doesn’t affect our entire world and it will pass.

  • What factors about this situation are you omitting?

  • When was the last time you faced adversity and came out the other side?

Support Others. We know people are more resilient when they have strong support networks of friends and family to help them cope with a crisis. But we can get an even bigger resilience boost by giving support.

  • Who do you know that could do with some of your support now?

Go Out of Your Comfort Zone. Resilience doesn’t just come from negative experience. You can build your resilience by putting yourself in challenging situations – keep your ‘resilience muscles’ toned.

  • What can you do each day this week to shift yourself out of your comfort zone?

Take Stress Breaks. Recognise you can’t completely eliminate stress from your life. But you can create regular opportunities for the body to recover from stress — just as you would rest your muscles between runs or gym sessions.

  • What 10 things can you do in a week that would give you a break from your stress?

Practice Optimism. It’s part learned, so whilst not down playing what’s happening, we can also choose to find a positive outcome within what appears to be a truly painful situation. And we can spend time in the company of positive people – it’s infectious stuff so it really can help.

  • What positive angle can you give your challenge?

  • Who in your network can you spend time with to feed you some optimism?

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