Coaching for the here and now

Coaching is usually focused on achieving a particular goal in the future, on making positive changes to your circumstances. But it can be just as valuable in helping you deal better with what’s happening right now in the present.

Your own emotional state – how optimistic or confident you’re feeling, or whether you respond positively or negatively to what life throws at you – can seem like it’s driven by external events. But there’s plenty you can do to manage your internal thoughts and feelings.

Coaching can be very effective in helping you deal with stress and in building confidence and resilience. You may find certain situations trigger negative emotions and behaviours, but with greater insight into why you react that way, you can learn to control and change the way you respond.

Being better able to handle your current situation can be an invaluable step towards realising your longer term goals, and makes for a more enjoyable and rewarding journey on the way.

  • Handling stress and overwhelm

  • Building confidence and self-esteem

  • Being more resilient

  • Learning to stand still and take notice

  • Living with uncertainty

  • Accepting things that cannot be changed