Executive outplacement

You can use all the usual euphemisms, but letting people go is hard - especially if they've been with the business for a long time. But the process can be more productive and less painful for everyone when coaching is brought into the mix.

It's important to give meaningful help to loyal staff, so they can move on in a positive manner. It's not just the right thing to do, it also has clear reputational benefits. And you never know when your old employee might become your new client.

I provide one-to-one coaching for senior executives who are dealing with enforced career change. This may be the first time in many years that they've had to grapple with a job search, so the right practical and emotional support is critical.

And organisational change is also unsettling for those who remain when others depart. Their needs should not be overlooked if the business and its people are to flourish after restructuring. Coaching is effective in bringing clarity of purpose and maintaining motivation in times of disruption.

Find out more about how I work with individuals in handling their career transition.