Coaching for career development

Do you wake every morning with a clear sense of direction and self-belief? Or are there things in your life and work that you’d like to change, but you’re not sure how to go about it or don’t feel up to the challenge?

If you have unrealised ambitions or find yourself wondering how you could handle your current situation better, career coaching with Here to There can provide the structure and support you need to make it happen.

Some of the people I work with already have a goal in mind and are looking for practical help with achieving a particular outcome. Others have more conceptual challenges, like working out how to align their career more closely with their passions and beliefs.

Through coaching I can help you find the insight to set clear and achievable objectives that you fully buy in to, and develop an action plan to meet those objectives.

  • Play to your passions and strengths

  • Build confidence and assertiveness

  • Identify and pursue ambitions

  • Achieve a healthier work/life balance

  • Deal better with tricky situations

  • Get stronger problem-solving skills

  • Learn to prioritise and delegate

  • Improve your time management

I also work with people making major changes to their career path, whether it's by personal choice or by force of circumstance.