Career change

The 'job for life' is a real rarity these days.


Whether through choice or by force of circumstance, most of us will need to consider at least one significant change of direction during our working life.

Coaching is one of the most effective ways of working through the complexities of switching career paths. It brings structure and logic while also acknowledging the emotional burden that often comes with making big decisions.

At Here to There I help my clients tackle their career transitions by working in three distinct modes:

Reflection, Exploration, and Action.

Sometimes the focus may be on just one, or it may be spread equally across all three modes - it all depends on the individual and their circumstances - and I taylor my coaching programmes to meet the particular needs of each client.


  • What makes you tick?

  • Values & motivations

  • Competencies & skills

  • Achievements

  • Ambitions


  • What are your options?

  • Throwing off the blinkers

  • Information gathering

  • Narrowing down

  • Evaluation and choice


  • What's the plan?

  • Marketing yourself

  • Targeting the role

  • Interviewing & securing

  • On-boarding - and beyond

I also work with my clients on keeping 'match fit' for the challenges they face, on maintaining motivation, confidence and resilience in the here and now.